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Equipment Hire

We offer a range of hire equipment including electric golf carts, clubs, trundlers and range balls.

Equipment Hire

Clubs, motorised carts and trundlers are all available for hire from our Te Puke Golf Pro Shop.

It is best to book golf carts in advance to avoid disappointment.

You may be requested to show your drivers licence.

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Motorised cart


Golf Carts

On the Te Puke golf course, golf carts and other motorised transport can be used at anytime for casual rounds of golf. 

However, for the following events, motorised transport can only be used when the Te Puke Golf Club Manager or the tournament convener has sighted a Registered Doctor’s Medical certificate:

  • All Club Trophy Competitions

  • Club Championships

  • Open Tournaments (On application to the Tournament Committee within 48 hours of the event). Certificate to detail whether injury is permanent or temporary with term of validity

  • Valid Te Puke certificates may not apply at other courses. See respective club or competition for their policy

Golf carts at Te Puke Golf Club

Repair Service

Repair Service

We do the majority of our repairs on site and offer a quick and easy service.  We offer a wide variety of grips for re-gripping from Lamkin, Winn and Superstroke. Included in our range of grips are specialised options like arthritic grips, cord grips and large putter grips.  We also offer re-shafting and re-setting of club heads as well as extending or shortening of graphite or steel shafted clubs.    

We have a range of soft spikes with different threads for re-spiking, so that you maintain correct stability throughout the life of your golf shoes.  

Contact us today to discuss your repair requirements.  

Repair service at Te Puke Golf Club